Thursday, January 25, 2018

Money is need and not want

Money is everything for everybody in todays world.

We all run behind earning money in todays competitive world.

We should have that understanding that we cannot go to any level to earn money.

Money is the need for survival.

But We see money as everything.

Our desires keeps on increasing and so the need for money.

People use shortcuts to earn money.

We work the entire day so hard to earn money. And then we don’t even spend our hard earned money with proper understanding of our requirements.

We all are crazy and just working hard to achieve what our goal is.
It is important to work smart rather than hard.

The most hard working person in India can be the rikshawala.
Do we want life like him?
So we need to work smart.

Be unique.

Its ok not be in the crowd.Find different path.

Do be afraid to do something which others don’t do.

Do not run behind money.

Money will automatically come to you if you are utilising your time and brains well .

Work everyday to improve yourself.

Focus on how to increase business, your communication skills, personality, equipments in your business.

Just work to be the best in whatever you are doing.

Be the expertise in your field.

There are many people who achieve everything in life What they always wanted but still there is no happiness.

There is no satisfaction in the end of the day.Because we are ready to be slaves and do anything for money.

It gives us happiness for a while but latter on we regret because we are not happy.
Do something which you love.

Have the freedom and courage to do what your heart says.

And see some day or the other you will be happy that you choose freedom and you are happy to do what you like and have achieved success.

Peace within You

Many of us get affected by outside world. There are some people in our life with whom we cannot stay and without them also we cannot stay.
We get affected by how they treat us. This can be anyone in your family etc.
In such situations we do not have to get extremely affected and feel sad and spoil our inner happiness.
We have to accept the reality that this is how some people are and they won’t change.
We should stand up for ourselves and fight for what is right with great energy but it is very important at the same time to be peaceful inside.
You can be a fighter in outside cruel world but be peaceful inside you.

Trust yourself

There will be times when you have set a particular goal and you are working to achieve it and there will be people who will not have faith in you.
But that should not matter to you.What matters is your confidence to achieve the set goal in life.There will be people who will give you advice in your journey. Be sure of them and then accept their advice.
If a person does not know anything about dance. 
You cannot take his advice on how to improve your dance.
Have that faith in you. Work without fear. Though your heart finds something difficult to achieve but if your heart says that some day or the other you will achieve your desire.
Trust yourself. Go ahead and you will complete your journey by reaching the final destination or the destination you planned.